Hands & Feet

Natural Nails

File & Polish on Hands  
File & Polish on Feet  
Classic Manicure  
Luxury Manicure  
Classic Pedicure  
Luxury Pedicure  
Add a French Finish  

Artificial Nail Enhancements

File & Gel Polish Hands or Feet

Classic Gel Polish Manicure
Luxury Gel Polish Manicure
Classic Gel Polish Pedicure
Luxury Gel Polish Pedicure
add french to the 5 services above for an additional
Acrylic Nail Extensions (clear)
Acrylic Nail infills  (Clear, 2 Weeks)
Acrylic Nail Extensions with Gel polish or  Coloured acrylic
Acrylic Nail Extensions French
Acrylic Nail infills  (Gel polish,French or Coloured acrylic,  2 Weeks)
Gel Nail Extensions (clear)
Gel Nail infills  (Clear, 2 Weeks)
Gel Nail Extensions with Gel polish or  French
Gel Nail infills  (Gel polish or French,  2 Weeks)
Removal of Enhancements or Gel Polish *
Nail Art

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