Decleor Facials

All of our facials use Decleor Products

Discovery Boost Facial

A perfect way to taste the world renowned Decleor facials.



Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial

A gentle sensation of effectiveness: An indispensable treatment step to restore perfect balance and essential well-being to your skin. Prescribed to your skins specific needs.



Oxygenating Pure & Matt Facial

MATT & PURE offers an active, concentrated formula with plant powder combined with essential oils and aquatic plant extracts for enhanced performance.
Instantly absorbs impurities and excess sebum & tightens the skin texture. Purifies by limiting the growth of germs responsible for skin imperfection & balances by limiting the production of sebum by acting directly on the enzyme responsible for its overproduction as well as brightening dull, lacklustre complexions.

Moisture Quench Facial

Advanced professional response to treat all dehydrated skin, regardless of skin type, and which combines extreme effectiveness and pleasure, to rediscover deeply moisturised and plumped-up skin. Using pure Fruit powders combined with Flower extracts for enhanced performance to immediately relax the skin and quenches its thirst. This facial deeply replenishes & provides continuous hydration whilst restoring  and continuously maintaining an ideal moisture balance in the skin.

Harmonie Calm Facial

Refreshing anti-redness powder paired with a soothing, softening, toning lotion to decongest and soften the epidermis,  calm and soothe sensations of heat and tightness. Soothe delicate, excessively sensitive skin. Target redness, Reinforce the skin barrier & help block the mechanisms responsible for these reactions.

No Nuts Facial

The perfect facial for those with Nut allergies.



Mens Express Energy Facial

A perfect way to taste the world renowned Decleor facials specifically devoted to the needs of a mans skin.



Mens Intensive Energising Facial

Rituals devoted to men’s specific needs: skin that is damaged and weakened by daily shaving and climatic conditions; a body that is exposed to the negative effects of stress and fatigue… A simple and clear treatment range for exceptional results and timed to fit in perfectly with the lives of men today.



Advanced Electrical Facials

Lymph Drainage Facial £65.00
Deep Cleansing Facial £85.00

Instensive Hydrating  Facial

Non Surgical Face Lift £85.00
Derma Rolling Facial £150.00

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